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Finger in the Nose

Something so simple, yet she was cracking up! Priceless!

Today was one of those days with many memorable moments.  Yes, through all the toddler-tantrums and baby meltdowns were a couple monumental moments that I will always remember.

And to think, one of them involved a finger in my nose!

My son has been in this “mood” lately where he only wants mommy.  It’s crazy this can even be possible considering all he ever has is mommy!  Every day of his life he has had mommy and now it’s as though he can’t get enough of me!

I was in my room having some much needed “mommy quiet time” when I heard loud cries from the other room and a very exasperated “Ugh!” and then, “All you want is mommy!” from my husband.

Ignoring my immediate impulse to jump up and run to the rescue – I waited and listened. 

I listened as my husband was trying his hardest to feed our son who wanted nothing to do with any of his choices.  I listened as my son squealed and squirmed in his high chair trying his hardest to communicate his needs to his daddy, getting more and more frustrated by the minute.  I listened to the sound of my heart thumping as I felt pulled to help out knowing full well what my little guy wanted… me.

But I waited.

Finally, I could tell neither of them was getting anywhere so I left my quiet room and entered the screaming zone.  My poor boys, my little buddy was drenched in tears as he hollered loudly at his daddy who was just covered in baby food that had been clearly thrown in protest (I’m assuming by the baby, but can’t be 100%).

They both looked relieved when I entered the room!

I tried to offer my little guy some food, but he wanted nothing of the sort.  Reaching his arms desperately toward me, I scooped him up and he draped himself over my shoulder. I stood rocking him in the living room watching our reflection in the large mirror above the couch.  Still sobbing he sniffled and closed his eyes as he rested his head on my shoulder.  Softly, I began singing “our song” feeling the weight of his despair lifting from him more and more after each chorus.  Finally, he pulled himself up to look at me and watched my lips move as I sang our sweet lullaby.

Such a special moment. 

There were a couple times I thought it was safe to stop singing, but quickly realized this was not an option when he belted out sobs of protest the second the music stopped.  So I continued.  I just sang and sang as he examined my face and gently stroked my temples and forehead; pointing at my eyes, nose, and mouth as though exploring a map.

We were gazing into each other’s eyes having such a lovely moment.  I could feel tears welling up in my eyes as I inhaled deeply, longing to soak up every sensation of this tender moment.  I didn’t want to forget any part of it.  The way it felt to be able to ease my sweet guy’s sorrow with the sound of my voice which, if you’ve ever heard me sing you would know, is a miracle in and of itself.  The warmth of having him draped over my shoulder, the sweetness as he explored my face and gazed into my eyes… this was one of “those moments”; one I would carry with me forever and one day share with him when he had a child of his own.

That is the moment he decided to jam his finger up my nose!

Hollering out in pain I tried my best to restrain myself from tensing up too bad.  I didn’t want to scare my little guy who had just calmed down.  With tears of pain in my eyes I forced myself to relax a little so I could see how he was doing.

Had I scared him?

Was he going to spiral back into a fit of despair?

Squinting through the pain I opened my eyes to look at him.  The moment we made eye contact I could see the concerned look on his face immediately turn to joy as he started cracking up!  He laughed so hard he began crying once more, but this time it was out of pure elation.  So I did what any good mama would do and let him continue jamming his finger up my nose as I winced in pain and he laughed hysterically!

What a moment!

To top the night off my daughter and I had a couple special moments as well.

One in the bathroom looking in the mirror as we hugged and smiled at each other saying, “Cheese!” as though posing for a picture.  She then started playing with my hair saying, “Mommy is a princess!”  What mom doesn’t want to hear that?

Then later, as I carried her to her room for bed we laughed our heads off as I made silly noises when she covered my mouth with my hair.  Something so simple, yet she was cracking up!  Priceless!

These are the sweet and silly moments that make everything else – the exhaustion, the frustration, the never getting out of the house, never having any time for myself, and pulling my hair out because of all the “hats” I am wearing – more than worth it. 

These are the moments that bring value to all of the struggles faced as a stay at home / work at home mom trying to juggle it all with grace, but failing miserably at times.  They are moments to be treasured like a priceless gem; moments to make note of and carry with me for a lifetime.  These are moments that I thank God for.  Priceless memories…and a finger in the nose!

What do you think?  Can you relate? 

Krissy Nelson
Hi, I'm Krissy! I write. I speak. I love Jesus with everything that I am. I am a mom. I am a wife. I am a child of God. My passion is to empower the everyday believer in their extraordinary potential as a child of God! To empower you to live fearlessly-obedient-Spirit led lives! With Christ we can do ALL things! And each of us are called and commissioned to influence the world around us.

4 thoughts on “Finger in the Nose

  1. Alicia Troxell says:

    Krissy….you are so right. No matter what happens, or how overwhelmed we get…there is always so special moments that make all the crazy times worth it. However, sometimes it’s even more special to hear the same thing from other moms. Thank you for sharing this, I wish I was still closer. I miss you girl. 🙂

    1. Krissy says:

      Haha – thanks Alicia! 🙂 Glad you enjoyed this one… thank you for your feedback. 🙂 🙂 Miss y’all too! Blessings!!

  2. Susie says:

    Love these special moments in our lives that sometimes seem like an interruption but really are a sweet memory that we will never forget! Thanks for sharing!

  3. Debbie says:

    Too cute what humor comes from a little sons finger in moms nose!
    blessings, Deb

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