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Fashion vs. Busy Mom Syndrome {BMS}

Written by: Laura Rouse-DeVore

Today, I want to discuss fashion.  I say “fashion”, but I definitely don’t mean “fashion” as in the “most atrocious unwearable thing I could come up with as a designer and put on a negative-sized model to send down the runway” sense.  Rather, the word “flair” might just be a little more appropriate…

It’s the headbands and the hair flowers and the necklaces and the perfumes and the nail polishes and the shoes…oh the SHOES!!!!!!

I have pondered over the last few months why it seems, as I have zoomed past the “Big 3-0”, I am reverting back to my teenage years.  At first, I thought it was the result of the nearly 60 lb. weight loss I had recently.  You know, new body equals new style….however, after much pondering, I think the more likely culprit of this new obsession has to do with the fact that my oldest son is nine years old.  And since he is nine years old, I realized it’s been just about that long since I was into ANY of this “stuff”.

busy momIt’s what I like to affectionately refer to as “Busy Mom Syndrome” (BMS).  Below are a few of the ways you will know if you suffer from BMS:

-You grow your hair out, not because you like long hair, but because you want to be able to put it up in a clip or in a ponytail.

-You “clothes shop” in the PJ’s department of Target.

-The last time you wore panty hose or tights, you were eight.

-You would maybe wear a necklace, but your toddler has broken them all off of your neck by playing with them.

-You have some unknown substance on your shirt at all times…(Is it spit up or toothpaste?)

-You wear your tennis shoes without socks because they are quicker to put on that way, but you wear your socks around the house when you are wearing no shoes.

-Your idea of “dressing up” is wearing jeans…Your idea of “dressing up to go out” is wearing heels with jeans…and the only reason you would do that is because you can wear heels without socks. (See above)

-You wear flip flops year round.

-You only have contacts from three eyeglass prescriptions ago…glasses are way faster.

-The last time you used nail polish was to paint on your son’s leg rash because it could be “chiggers”.

-You scare your children’s bus driver in the morning and are certain that you have a reputation with your children’s school friends of being some kind of creature rather than a human. (Children are SO imaginative!!!)

-On the weekends, you trade your ponytail in for a baseball cap…it’s the weekend after-all!

-You own NOTHING structured and if you do, then you wear it with EVERYTHING!!!!

Laura FINAL-9Sadly, I identify with ALL of these, so I decided it was time to step up my game a little.  But, I am no fashionista…SO, I step it up with “flair”!!!!  I decided this was a good start to “dressing up” my style!!!  It’s a positive step…in most cases…although, I admit my ruffled-camo-lace up mini skirt is probably a bit over the top. (Yes, it exists…)  Here are a few of my favorite items of “fashion flair for B.M.S.” (Busy Mom Syndrome)…

1.  Ankle Boots, and ANY kind of boot really…

LOVE boots…I recently bought some brown ankle boots, but have yet to wear them out because I’m still “practicing wearing a heel that high”.  An added bonus is that if the boots are tall and your skirt is long, you can get away without shaving your legs.  (Just because I add flair does not mean that I don’t still suffer from B.M.S.)

2.  LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE designer fragrances!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I will admit that I have made special trips to local department stores just to spray myself down with the sample bottles.  If you suffer from B.M.S. you may have done this same exact thing.  I have gone to great lengths to cover up what I affectionately refer to as the “scent of motherhood”.  If you are a mom, you know what I mean!!!  I fantasize about being the girl standing in the elevator who makes innocent bystanders and passerby’s wonder and even scream (to themselves), “WHAT fragrance is she WEARING??”  That girl…yeah, I wanna be her!!!  Sigh!!!

3.  And Finally – Hair Flowers, Headbands, Clips, I LOVE them all!!!

There is a reason why the words “hair” and “flair” rhyme and its because they were meant to be together!!  So, I get out my girly hair flowers, ignore the fact that it looks like it should be on the head of an adorable four year old little blond girl with curls, clip it in, and OWN IT!!!!!

And my favorite tip for those suffering from B.M.S is that the right matching hair flair can dress up those PJ’s and yoga pants too!  Feel free to use it as ostentatiously as desired!!!

Busy Moms deserve to have the opportunity to “step up their fashion game” too!!!  Don’t be afraid to venture into the “fashion flair” arena to do that!!!  If you can’t look “wedding-ready” at all times (and seriously, what mom can??), then you might as well have fun with your fashion and embrace it!!!!

Can you relate?  How have your “fashion” expectations changed since having kiddos?

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3 thoughts on “Fashion vs. Busy Mom Syndrome {BMS}

  1. lbdevore says:

    Oh it’s a total reinvestment into yourself an then a total reinvestment into rebuilding the wardrobe!!! Thanks for your comment!!! So glad to hear someone else can relate!!

  2. Uh, ya. I can totally relate. For years, I just wore whatever was around, was easiest. it’s only in the recent few years that I’m finally “finding” myself again.

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