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Confrontation – the Great Invitation

key_NAM picConfrontation:

  1. an act of confronting
  2. the state of being confronted
  3. a meeting face to face
  4. an open conflict of opposing ideas, forces, etc.

For many people reading this, you might find that your heart rate has accelerated and your palms have gotten a little sweaty simply just reading that word. No worries – you’re not alone. I don’t know too many people that absolutely love confrontation and look forward to it. There’s just something a bit unsettling when we think about having to resolve conflict.

The tension.

The anxiety.

The fear.

The questions.
       What do I say?
       What if it gets messy?
       What if it hurts?
       What if I just ignored the conflict instead of addressing it?

As a newly married woman, I have learned more about conflict resolution in the last year than ever. I have learned the value and the reward of confrontation. I have learned that confrontation is an invitation.

I used to run from conflict.

I would try to bury it. Sweep it under the rug. Ignore it and hope it would go away. It was just easier that way. Unfortunately though, nothing was resolved. It was a lot like putting a bandage over a bullet hole without removing the bullet.

Nowadays, I’m learning to embrace the tension of confrontation. It doesn’t have to be this ugly, dreaded, fearful encounter that we’re accustomed to believe. I’m learning that confrontation (when done rightly) leads to resolution.

Confrontation is an invitation to wholeness and healing.

Are their emotional wounds from your past that you haven’t been willing to address? Confronting the pain, forgiving those involved and moving forward WILL bring healing. This can be a personal thing between you and the Lord where you walk through the process of healing or you may need to find a trusted friend or mentor to help you. SOZO is a healing and deliverance ministry with people who are trained to guide you through the process of freedom and wholeness with the help of the Holy Spirit. This ministry may be available at a local church in your city.

Confrontation is an invitation to truth and intimacy.

Are you able to be honest and vulnerable with your friends and family during a disagreement? Recognize any deception or lies from the enemy you may have believed about yourself or others. Be willing to ask for forgiveness and be quick to forgive.

Confrontation is an invitation to deliverance and freedom.

Are you paralyzed by fear and the opinion of man? Are you afraid of being rejected? Obedience to live a life submitted to the Holy Spirit means that regardless of how others receive you, you are free. HE is the one who sets you free. HE is your deliverer.

When you feel resistance, don’t run from it. Embrace the tension of confrontation.

Confront your hurts and allow the Holy Spirit to heal you.

Confront your insecurities and wrong thinking.

Confront your fears.

Confrontation – the Great Invitation to live an extraordinary life.

~ Melissa



Melissa Cole-Mathieson
In 2004, I became a single mom to 3 kids under the age of 4 and walked through very difficult years of healing from the disappointment and betrayal I felt from a failed marriage. In that process, I learned how to live utterly dependent on God to take care of my little family….financially, emotionally and spiritually. Ten years later, in 2014, God blessed us with an incredible, redemptive gift in a man named Dave who is now a husband and father to our family.