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Ruth Motley

Hey y’all! I’m Ruth Motley, otherwise known as MOM! to my four children and RUPE! to my husband.  (When he calls me that – I know I’m in trouble!) During our 15 years of years of marriage we’ve lived in 4 states, 9 houses, traveled thousands of miles, and have served 6 churches as worship pastors. (Before you ask, I don’t play an instrument or sing. It ain’t pretty!)

Nowadays we are settled in Charlotte NC where I spend my days writing, praying, and taking care of my family & businesses. Together my husband and I run Father’s House – a ministry committed to calling the Church to true spiritual worship, reformation, and orphan care. Inspired by my daughter, I started Twenty One Design – an online apparel & jewelry boutique that highlights special needs awareness. I am also co-founder and contributor to Southern Daughter – a blog that talks about life growing up in the South, family, & southern cuisine.

In my spare time (lol!) I enjoy pretending to be a famous photographer, having coffee with world changing friends, cooking southern cuisine (just add butter!) and Friday night movie nights with my family. Oh and sleep! I love sleep. I have deep, passionate feelings for my bed.

In 2012 our family was rocked by the birth of our fourth child – Emma Sophia – that according to my oldest daughter means “she who gets everything she wants”.  She spends her days being lavished with endless praise, hugs, and kisses and thanks to her extra chromosome – she is teaching our family a whole lot about life, love, and God. I have the awesome privilege of sharing our journey with her here on Not aLone Mom.

Links:     Father’s House    |    21 design

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(P.S. To get the real scoop on our family be sure to follow my husband on Facebook – he’s a junkie!  I’m more of an Instagram girl.)

~ Ruth