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Shannon Wermers

Shannon Wermers is a mother of three daughters and a military widow. She has been in the Pensacola area since moving in the spring of 2007. In late January of 2010, while pregnant with their third daughter, the unthinkable happened: the death of her husband. She journeyed through one of the hardest seasons of her life and through it all never lost faith in God, the strength to move forward and the courage to rise above.

Shannon has a passion to share her story with others. To give them His hope and promises that are guaranteed to make you whole again. To know that even though things look bleak and you feel closed-in by the darkness, there is a way out and the answer is – Jesus.

Shannon wants to encourage you in your walk with Christ. To move you into a deeper relationship with Him and to worship Him with all the YOU are. She helps you see God’s desires for yourself when you talk to her. Shannon currently is working on her first book and has been invited to speak on several occasions. She has a passion for photography, baking and shopping. 😉

~ Shannon