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Wendy Rexroth

Life’s a great adventure, learning to love my King, sharing His love, truth and light whenever and wherever He leads, this is my life’s pursuit.Wendy is my name, it means wanderer in the foot steps of the Lord. Wow! Did God ever know that would be suitable for me… as I have lived in 4 continents at His direction.

We have recently returned home from 2 years in India which was one of the most enriching times in my life. It was so awesome to witness the miracles God performed on a regular basis to meet the needs and transform the lives among the poverty stricken in Bangalore.  Married to the man of my dreams for 32 years, the mother of 3 wonderful adult children and blessed with a precious daughter-in-law, I currently live/play in Colorado. Having grown up in Switzerland I love to ski.. I am as my husband would say… passionate, about well…most things, especially if they involve the great outdoors.  My greatest passion however is going deeper with God and being available to participate in what He is doing in and through others.

~ Wendy