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She Doesn’t Know She Has Down Syndrome

Emma is now 3 years old. She is every bit of a typical toddler and then some. Recently on a sunny afternoon, Emma and I were playing outside on her swing set. As we played, I watched her smile and laugh. I watched her blow dandelions in the air and smell flowers. I watched her […]


Everyone Needs A Mom

I came home today after going to church and then teaching piano lessons for the rest of the afternoon to find my husband slicing his amazing and I do mean AMAZING tri-tip that had been slowly roasting on the grill outside while I was away. That man can cook! After being in 5 star dinner […]


Confessions of a Stressed Out Mom

I sat in my bedroom with the door locked, realizing if I walked out the door, I’d lose it. What was I doing here as a mom of teenagers? I remembered being in the same place as a mom of toddlers– the need for quiet moments to myself before the kids got up and my […]


Daily Devotional: From Jesus Lives by Sarah Young

CONTROL Entrust your loved ones to Me. They are much safer with Me than in your clinging hands. Sometimes you confuse loving others with rescuing them. When a loved one has a problem, you often feel responsible to come up with a solution. Then you plunge headlong into problem-solving mode, as if you’re obligated to […]



I have these kinds of days (more than I would care to admit) that by the time 9:00pm rolls around – I feel empty. I have nothing left to give to anything or anyone… including God it seems. A tradition began a long while back when my daughter was 6 months old: I would rock […]


Struggles of Motherhood – Need for Grace

My children were fighting today. Again. And I lost it today. Again. I wish I could say I was somehow emotionally immune to their fighting and bickering; but I’m not. It gets to me. I wish more of us could be honest about the struggles of motherhood. Honest to each other. Honest to ourselves. Yeah, […]


5 Truths of a Mothers Pain

I found this dollhouse at an antique market. I’d been looking for one for years because I had a metal dollhouse as a child. We found another metal house from a newer time period, in better condition. When choosing between the two, I chose this one. It doesn’t look real pretty. It has rust. The […]


Emma’s Journey: We’ve come a long way, baby!

Emma, you have just turned three years old! Like most moms, I’m sitting here wondering where did the time go? The mundane of days seem to drag on but somehow years tend to fly by! You were born within days of my spiritual birthday – and to me this is not a coincidence. Your physical […]


Three Ways To Face A Mother’s Fears

At some point, moms have anxiety about kids you can’t control. In those moments, it’s easy to be flooded with emotions, fear, and panic. Instead, do three simple things: 1. Stop. 2. Breathe. 3. Listen to God. The first two principles are self-explanatory. It’s the third principle, listening to God, on which we need to […]

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