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Urgency to Know God’s Character

A recent opportunity to answer questions about faith and God solidified my conviction of the need to know God’s character through the whole of God’s living Word, the Bible. A Christian had lost their faith in God being a good God. This person knew Scripture, and really wanted answers. I was able to testify with […]


Confessions of a Stressed Out Mom

I sat in my bedroom with the door locked, realizing if I walked out the door, I’d lose it. What was I doing here as a mom of teenagers? I remembered being in the same place as a mom of toddlers– the need for quiet moments to myself before the kids got up and my […]


10 Ways You Honor Your Children More Than God

“You honor your sons more than me…” 1 Samuel 2:29b God’s word is complete for parenting. Even in 2015. 1 Samuel shares a principle parents of teens need to hear: Do you honor your children more than God? It’s an eye-opening question. You strive to raise good kids. You want them to represent your family […]


Equipping Our Kids

Written By: Lara Marriott It seems to be harder than ever to teach our children how to live strong, Christ-filled lives in this idol driven world; especially in 1st world countries.  So many things are fighting for their attention on a daily basis, such as, cell phones, social media, video games, tv sitcoms, movies, music, […]


Will God heal my child of Down Syndrome?

Written By: Ruth Motley After the birth of my daughter Emma, I remember the moment I began to have some serious conversations with God about her condition. We had settled into the NICU hours after we had received the news that Emma had been born with Down Syndrome. My husband and I were in and […]


Lessons in Parenting Highs and Lows

“In all your ways acknowledge Him and He will direct your paths.”  Proverbs 3:6 The last few weeks have been big for our family. Big milestones taking place in several of my children’s lives, including playing in a state basketball championship for one child. Another child is returning from three months in a place that […]


Snapshots from Home by Matthew West

For the most part, Lulu and Delaney get along. But like all sisters, they do have their moments of discord when peace and harmony give way to bickering and blaming. When you’re dealing with six-year-old and three-year-old daughters, it’s bound to happen. The reason I know so much about these little girls is because they […]