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God Loves Me

“I am not to fear the future of each day, of Andrew & Kent’s sleep. God loves me.” I found these words written in the margin of my Bible recently while studying Romans.  My Bible is filled with hand-written notes from a Bible Study Fellowship (BSF) study on Romans I attended years ago.  Reading these […]


Bye-Bye Baby

As I stood rocking my son to sleep, gently swaying to the sound of “Rock-A-Bye Baby” playing softly from his mobile, I began to think about time and how quickly it passes.  When my daughter was a baby, just over two years ago, I would rock her to sleep just the same, the difference being, […]


It Gets Better

People describe having a baby as a “life changing” experience.  I heard it so much while I was pregnant with my first child that I was under the illusion that the frequent reminders somehow prepared me for the change that was about to sweep my life.  Unfortunately, as I would soon discover, there is no […]


She Smiled At Me

My daughter smiling at me has always been a joyous occasion.  I will never forget the first time she smiled.  Just a tiny little baby not more than a few weeks old staring up at me with wonder in her eyes I can remember my excitement as I watched her little lips start to form […]


Survival Moment

It’s in these rare, quiet moments when the kids happen to both be sleeping at the same time that I can curl up with a cup of coffee and reflect on those precious instants throughout the day.  It’s in these moments that even the worst of tantrums thrown earlier can seem endearing.  Now I can […]