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How to Feel Beautiful and Sexy and Still Be a Mom

After my fourth child I felt less than beautiful, less than whole, fully mommified.  I talked with a young mom recently who felt the same way. We were talking about feeling beautiful and sexy and the common agreement was, “What is that?” As a mom, it’s easy to get in a “rut” – to wonder, […]


You Are Enough

Sometimes I feel like I am not good enough, talented enough, strong enough, smart enough, mom enough, wife enough, providing enough, valuable enough… Do you ever feel this way? Over the years I have realized many things… one of them being, getting to a place of strong confidence and true self-worth is a journey.  It […]


Chasing Beauty

Have you ever had one of those days where you try on just about every outfit in your closet only to be left with a tornado of clothes on the floor and a feeling of frustration because it seems like you have nothing to wear!? OK Ladies…so what’s the real issue? For most of us […]


Fashion vs. Busy Mom Syndrome {BMS}

Written by: Laura Rouse-DeVore Today, I want to discuss fashion.  I say “fashion”, but I definitely don’t mean “fashion” as in the “most atrocious unwearable thing I could come up with as a designer and put on a negative-sized model to send down the runway” sense.  Rather, the word “flair” might just be a little […]


Beautiful Mommy

When becoming a mother, why does the idea of beauty seem irrelevant or unattainable?  Is it the way our bodies have changed?  Is it because we feel so tired all the time?  Is it the ever present smell of spit up lingering on our bodies and clothes?  Or is it because our wardrobe now consists […]


Motherhood and Miss America

Watching the Miss America pageant this weekend I couldn’t help but appreciate the poise and grace the contestants portrayed.  It was amazing how such beautiful women sashayed about on stage in front of hundreds of audience members and millions of viewers, beaming with confidence while appearing so peaceful and light. As the night began they […]