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Seasons of Change: The Empty Nest

Our nest is half-empty. In honesty, as two of my four children have left the nest, my heart and home haven’t been the same. While I can speak to the nuances of being an empty nester, I still have several short years before the final child says good-bye and I’ve left with an even emptier […]


Graduation: Saying Good-Bye and Letting Go

I’m sitting on my porch swing taking in the day I hope will never end.  The sun is on its way down to slip behind the trees in an hour or two.  The flowers are bright around me and a breeze is on my cheek.  The birds are singing,  the cattle are walking to a […]


The Lasts Events: Holding Tightly While Letting Go

There have been several “last events” for us this week. Our last field trip with an elementary student. Our last awards program for the son graduating. His last Prom. Last events with his friends Last things a mom can do with her oldest son. This past weekend, we watched a video of us bringing our […]


Loving and Leaving Alone

This weekend, we moved our daughter into her first apartment as a college student.  It reminded me of moving her out of her childhood bedroom a year ago. That summer, she gave up her bigger, pinker, orange-with-flowers-on-the-wall room to her younger brother.  Transforming her adolescent domain from girly pink to Detroit Lion blue was an […]