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Urgency to Know God’s Character

A recent opportunity to answer questions about faith and God solidified my conviction of the need to know God’s character through the whole of God’s living Word, the Bible. A Christian had lost their faith in God being a good God. This person knew Scripture, and really wanted answers. I was able to testify with […]


3 Steps to Making Your Dreams Come True

We were made to dream. Our Father God, who made us in His image, is a dreamer. A dreamer. A creator. A visionary. It is in our DNA to dream. It is the nature of God in us to dream, to create, to have passion and vision. St. Irenaeus once said, “the glory of God […]


Going Deeper Into the Heart of God

There is an invitation from the heart of God to go deeper with Him. He’s commissioning us to go deeper. When we dive deep into God’s heart we discover the many treasures just waiting for us there. We discover the treasures of His word; His promises hidden in plain sight for us to snatch up […]