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Together We Can Homeschool

This has been a very interesting year homeschooling our 4th & 2nd Graders. It was difficult to cut the cord, as they say, and keep our kids home this year; a culture shock for sure. When we went to the park it was either deserted or sprinkled with moms of preschoolers. I had to de-school […]


The Homeschool Blues

The homeschool blues… Yep, that’s right, they finally hit the kids and I before Christmas break. Everything was fine up until we came back from our trip to Washington the second week of December. When we started back up with school we had lost our motivation. The subjects were all so boring. The kids were […]


From Public School to Home School

I didn’t know anyone who homeschooled.  No one in my family had experienced homeschooling.  So why did I feel I needed to press into the idea when my kids were toddlers?  Why did the feeling get stronger and stronger every year that passed?  I believe God was planting the seed early on.  I prayed about […]