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What’s Your Measuring Tool?

Last weekend I had the privilege to meet with a room full of young moms for the “Clean Up My Mess” retreat.  We had three sessions together: Measuring Up The Balancing Act Pouring Out As we spoke about the things we measure ourselves as women against, several images were mentioned: Our image of the perfect mom […]


Resolutions and Fire Extinguishers

Written By: Laura Rouse-DeVore Today we ring in the year 2013.  I am wondering how everyone is doing with their New Year’s resolutions?  Did you make any?  I think that prayerfully setting goals for ourselves is biblical.  Proverbs 16:3 (NIV) says: “Commit to the Lord whatever you do, and your plans will succeed.” Also, Proverbs […]


Fashion vs. Busy Mom Syndrome {BMS}

Written by: Laura Rouse-DeVore Today, I want to discuss fashion.  I say “fashion”, but I definitely don’t mean “fashion” as in the “most atrocious unwearable thing I could come up with as a designer and put on a negative-sized model to send down the runway” sense.  Rather, the word “flair” might just be a little […]


I Am a “Prepper”

Have you ever heard of a “prepper”?  A “prepper” is a person who takes measures and makes preparations in advance of a potential or perceived possible national, social, or planetary crisis or disaster. Some “preppers” take extreme measures to stock pile food and/or water, build shelters, and train physically.  I had never heard of this […]


Bye-Bye Baby

As I stood rocking my son to sleep, gently swaying to the sound of “Rock-A-Bye Baby” playing softly from his mobile, I began to think about time and how quickly it passes.  When my daughter was a baby, just over two years ago, I would rock her to sleep just the same, the difference being, […]

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