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Can You Spoil a Newborn?

This actually is a quite common question which I am sure you have heard many different opinions.  In answering this question let’s take a look at what is actually going on with this newest arrival. With the advancements made in brain science we have begun to understand so much more in regards to bonding, attachment and […]


Messy Motherhood

Motherhood is messy!  Everywhere I look it seems there are images of mothers with a seemingly “perfect” family – well dressed, well groomed, all smiling and laughing without a care in the world.  We’ve all seen them.  At the mall, at school events, at church… but it’s what we don’t get to see that makes […]


Finger in the Nose

Today was one of those days with many memorable moments.  Yes, through all the toddler-tantrums and baby meltdowns were a couple monumental moments that I will always remember. And to think, one of them involved a finger in my nose! My son has been in this “mood” lately where he only wants mommy.  It’s crazy […]


Beautiful Mommy

When becoming a mother, why does the idea of beauty seem irrelevant or unattainable?  Is it the way our bodies have changed?  Is it because we feel so tired all the time?  Is it the ever present smell of spit up lingering on our bodies and clothes?  Or is it because our wardrobe now consists […]


Seriously… Am I Still Losing My Hair?!?

My son is eight months old now and I am still losing hair by the handfuls every day!  Literally!  Will it ever stop?  Will I ever stop losing my hair? Or am I on the road to female baldness?  Between losing hair naturally because I had a baby recently (though it doesn’t feel so recent) […]