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10 Ways You Honor Your Children More Than God

“You honor your sons more than me…” 1 Samuel 2:29b God’s word is complete for parenting. Even in 2015. 1 Samuel shares a principle parents of teens need to hear: Do you honor your children more than God? It’s an eye-opening question. You strive to raise good kids. You want them to represent your family […]


Awaken Moms Retreat

Have you heard about our weekend retreat just for MOMS?? It’s the Awaken Moms Retreat Awakening the world changer in you to awaken the world changer in them! Its a time to get away, to rest and renew and grow in your identity in Christ. This is a retreat birthed from the secret place with Abba… while […]


Grow Child Grow

It’s 7:30am. It’s pouring rain outside our Alabama townhouse and the front door stands wide open. The torrential downpour  blows a slight mist into the entryway and the sound of the rain meeting pavement and porch echoes in the quiet of the early morning. In the doorway stands my thirteen year old girl. Her dark silhouette […]


Loud Silence

Silence…for moms this can be a great thing at times due to our lives being so busy and loud. Our kids probably don’t mind moments of our silence at times, but when “Mom” is silent for too long the question “where are you?” comes up. The same can be true when it comes to our […]


A Letter To A New Stay At Home Mom

Dear Mama, This will be one of the hardest days you’ll face. You’re leaving a job you love so you can spend more time with your children, those sweet babies who bring you both joy and exhaustion in the same breath. Today as you pack up your classroom, close the door, turn out the lights, […]


The It Factor in a Proverbs 31 Woman

Have you ever asked yourself (or someone else), “Who is she”?  You know when someone stands out in just a certain way that is pretty noticeable…it’s not a bad thing, they just seem to have “it”.  Well what is “it” exactly? Proverbs 31:25-29 lets us in on what “it” entails:  “She is clothed with strength […]


Emma’s Journey: It takes a Village

There is a famous African proverb that says, in part, “It takes a village to raise a child”. Just two years into life with a special needs child and I have a daily revelation of how true these words are. The day Emma was born, I was welcomed into our new village. Two doctors: her […]


I Want To Be a Better Mom

I want to be a better mom…I’m just too tired! Lately, I have been feeling so unbelievably tired. A mom of three children, ages 6 (newly 6!), 4 and 1, I do know that I’m busy. Of course I know this! I’m living my life. But, I had always DREAMED of this mommy gig. I […]


5 Tips for When You’re Doing Your Best

A mom was recently discouraged when someone told her she was over-reacting to concerns she had about her child’s academic and behavioral struggles. I was sad when I heard her say, “I feel like I failed.” There are moments when we feel we’ve failed as a mom. If you’ve recently been discouraged, here are five […]

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