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Can You Spoil a Newborn?

This actually is a quite common question which I am sure you have heard many different opinions.  In answering this question let’s take a look at what is actually going on with this newest arrival. With the advancements made in brain science we have begun to understand so much more in regards to bonding, attachment and […]


Will You Be My Friend

“Will you be my friend?” This is a question I found myself asking someone a few years back.  I had just had my daughter and I was longing to connect with someone… anyone.  I never realized how alone I could feel after having a baby and entering the brand new world of motherhood.  But alone […]


God Loves Me

“I am not to fear the future of each day, of Andrew & Kent’s sleep. God loves me.” I found these words written in the margin of my Bible recently while studying Romans.  My Bible is filled with hand-written notes from a Bible Study Fellowship (BSF) study on Romans I attended years ago.  Reading these […]


Chasing Beauty

Have you ever had one of those days where you try on just about every outfit in your closet only to be left with a tornado of clothes on the floor and a feeling of frustration because it seems like you have nothing to wear!? OK Ladies…so what’s the real issue? For most of us […]


The Hidden Trap of Motherhood {Insecurity}

“I don’t need you to envy me, I just need you to be proud of me.” These words poured onto the screen as she typed them to her mom.  At forty-something, she felt like a little girl again, her life-long quest of seeking the words, “I’m proud of you.” I identify with these feelings of […]


Be an Encouraging Mom

“If you can’t say anything nice – don’t say anything at all.”  We’ve all heard the saying time and again. We use it to teach our children about the value of holding their tongue and being the bigger person.  Well, when did we as mothers stop listening to our own advice? Shortly after becoming a […]


Am I A Good Mother?

Every so often there are these quiet, unexpected moments in the day that cause me to reflect on the kind of mother I am and strive to be.  After a long day of going a million miles an hour I often stop and wonder: did I pay enough attention to my kids today – beyond […]


Seriously… Am I Still Losing My Hair?!?

My son is eight months old now and I am still losing hair by the handfuls every day!  Literally!  Will it ever stop?  Will I ever stop losing my hair? Or am I on the road to female baldness?  Between losing hair naturally because I had a baby recently (though it doesn’t feel so recent) […]

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