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Everyone Needs A Mom

I came home today after going to church and then teaching piano lessons for the rest of the afternoon to find my husband slicing his amazing and I do mean AMAZING tri-tip that had been slowly roasting on the grill outside while I was away. That man can cook! After being in 5 star dinner […]


10 Ways You Honor Your Children More Than God

“You honor your sons more than me…” 1 Samuel 2:29b God’s word is complete for parenting. Even in 2015. 1 Samuel shares a principle parents of teens need to hear: Do you honor your children more than God? It’s an eye-opening question. You strive to raise good kids. You want them to represent your family […]


Equipping Our Kids

Written By: Lara Marriott It seems to be harder than ever to teach our children how to live strong, Christ-filled lives in this idol driven world; especially in 1st world countries.  So many things are fighting for their attention on a daily basis, such as, cell phones, social media, video games, tv sitcoms, movies, music, […]