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God Loves Me

“I am not to fear the future of each day, of Andrew & Kent’s sleep. God loves me.” I found these words written in the margin of my Bible recently while studying Romans.  My Bible is filled with hand-written notes from a Bible Study Fellowship (BSF) study on Romans I attended years ago.  Reading these […]


The Mommy Test

Written by: Brenda L. Yoder Have you ever walked around your house for hours but don’t know what you’ve done?  Have ever you felt completely overwhelmed, trapped inside a house with sick children, hoping the sun would shine, just for you today? Are there lurking fears in your head that all you will do this […]


Beautiful Mommy

When becoming a mother, why does the idea of beauty seem irrelevant or unattainable?  Is it the way our bodies have changed?  Is it because we feel so tired all the time?  Is it the ever present smell of spit up lingering on our bodies and clothes?  Or is it because our wardrobe now consists […]


Seriously… Am I Still Losing My Hair?!?

My son is eight months old now and I am still losing hair by the handfuls every day!  Literally!  Will it ever stop?  Will I ever stop losing my hair? Or am I on the road to female baldness?  Between losing hair naturally because I had a baby recently (though it doesn’t feel so recent) […]


When Does It Get Better?

When does it get better?  Having a baby causes life to change so dramatically it’s easy to wonder when or if balance will ever find its way back into your life.  In an earlier post, It Gets Better, I touch on my erratic emotions and struggles I faced upon my introduction to motherhood.  The story […]


It Gets Better

People describe having a baby as a “life changing” experience.  I heard it so much while I was pregnant with my first child that I was under the illusion that the frequent reminders somehow prepared me for the change that was about to sweep my life.  Unfortunately, as I would soon discover, there is no […]


Motherhood and Miss America

Watching the Miss America pageant this weekend I couldn’t help but appreciate the poise and grace the contestants portrayed.  It was amazing how such beautiful women sashayed about on stage in front of hundreds of audience members and millions of viewers, beaming with confidence while appearing so peaceful and light. As the night began they […]