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She Doesn’t Know She Has Down Syndrome

Emma is now 3 years old. She is every bit of a typical toddler and then some. Recently on a sunny afternoon, Emma and I were playing outside on her swing set. As we played, I watched her smile and laugh. I watched her blow dandelions in the air and smell flowers. I watched her […]


Emma’s Journey: We’ve come a long way, baby!

Emma, you have just turned three years old! Like most moms, I’m sitting here wondering where did the time go? The mundane of days seem to drag on but somehow years tend to fly by! You were born within days of my spiritual birthday – and to me this is not a coincidence. Your physical […]


Will God heal my child of Down Syndrome?

Written By: Ruth Motley After the birth of my daughter Emma, I remember the moment I began to have some serious conversations with God about her condition. We had settled into the NICU hours after we had received the news that Emma had been born with Down Syndrome. My husband and I were in and […]


Emma’s Journey: It takes a Village

There is a famous African proverb that says, in part, “It takes a village to raise a child”. Just two years into life with a special needs child and I have a daily revelation of how true these words are. The day Emma was born, I was welcomed into our new village. Two doctors: her […]


Down Syndrome is Not a Problem

On March 5th 2014, a national campaign called R-WORD was launched to help “spread the word to end the word.” The word in question? Retarded. Ironically, it is also the day that news broke of the questionable comments that CBN Televangelist Pat Robertson made in response to a question sent to him by a viewer […]


Emma’s Journey: A Birth Story

Having three older children, I was always hesitant about having a fourth child. However, my husband was never hesitant about it, he wanted a house full of children and he wanted them NOW! I was in a constant battle with my thoughts – on one hand I did want more children, but on the other […]