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Tag Archive: Struggles of motherhood


Confessions of a Stressed Out Mom

I sat in my bedroom with the door locked, realizing if I walked out the door, I’d lose it. What was I doing here as a mom of teenagers? I remembered being in the same place as a mom of toddlers– the need for quiet moments to myself before the kids got up and my […]


Struggles of Motherhood – Need for Grace

My children were fighting today. Again. And I lost it today. Again. I wish I could say I was somehow emotionally immune to their fighting and bickering; but I’m not. It gets to me. I wish more of us could be honest about the struggles of motherhood. Honest to each other. Honest to ourselves. Yeah, […]


5 Truths of a Mothers Pain

I found this dollhouse at an antique market. I’d been looking for one for years because I had a metal dollhouse as a child. We found another metal house from a newer time period, in better condition. When choosing between the two, I chose this one. It doesn’t look real pretty. It has rust. The […]



I had one of those days last week. You know what kind of day I’m talking about, mom. The kind of day that puts you on the floor in tears overwhelmed, discouraged and wondering how long it will be this way… Wondering how long will you feel this way… Wondering when will things get better… […]


Why Running Brings Freedom

The sun was in my face, music was in my ears, and my feet hit the pavement. It felt good. Almost two years after tearing my ACL, I haven’t run much. My knee’s still unstable and one wrong motion could undo everything. But the past couple of weeks, I’ve taken to the streets. I’m realizing […]


5 Tips for When You’re Doing Your Best

A mom was recently discouraged when someone told her she was over-reacting to concerns she had about her child’s academic and behavioral struggles. I was sad when I heard her say, “I feel like I failed.” There are moments when we feel we’ve failed as a mom. If you’ve recently been discouraged, here are five […]


The Grocery Store Meltdown

*You know, the one where if it were not for the hundreds of people gawking at you, it would be you and the kid?* There was a time when I was shopping alone at the grocery store… extremely rare considering I am a single mom of  three small children! In the distance I heard a […]

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