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We LOVE Non-Crafty Valentine Cards

So last week for Valentine’s Day my daughter and I created some one-of-a-kind “Non-Crafty” Valentine’s Cards.  This time we amped up our original “Non-Crafty Craft ” of cutting squares from different colored note cards and we cut HEARTS!  We commissioned the aid of other basic office supplies to create some very interesting (to say the […]


Surviving the Toddler Years

I’ve always considered myself to be a very patient person; even after I had children.   I remained patient as my newborn cried through the night and I was up and down trying to figure out what she needed.  I remained patient through the exploratory 12-18 month age when she was just learning the concept of […]


We Love Non-Crafty Crafts

So my daughter and I started something new.  We created the first, of I’m sure many more to come, “Non Crafty” craft project.  It seems everywhere I look there are these fabulous mothers out there implementing  fun craft projects with their families… From decoupaging shoe boxes to re-purposing spaghetti sauce jars – it’s amazing.  I […]


God Loves Me

“I am not to fear the future of each day, of Andrew & Kent’s sleep. God loves me.” I found these words written in the margin of my Bible recently while studying Romans.  My Bible is filled with hand-written notes from a Bible Study Fellowship (BSF) study on Romans I attended years ago.  Reading these […]


My Mama Fuse is Running SHORT

“Can everyone just leave me alone for a minute PLEASE?!  I need a moment… a ‘mommy-moment!’” Sound familiar? There are “those days” that seem to creep up on us when we least expect it.  We’ve all had them… The days where the kids act like they have been raised by wolves.  The days when they […]

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