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Pretzels For Dinner

pretzels  pretzels, covered in chocolate pretzels, covered in chocolate, for dinner.   this is what i let my son have tonight.  true story. it was one of those days.  we rushed out of the house after waking up late.  i peeled out of the parking lot without letting the car warm up; our breath hanging […]


Motherhood – The Comedy (first in series)

There really should be laws in place mandating that new moms undergo certain reintegration tests before they are granted entrance back into society. Things like getting retested for a driver’s license, walking a straight line, and the ability to speak in complete sentences are just a few of the many assessments a new mom should […]


It Gets Better

People describe having a baby as a “life changing” experience.  I heard it so much while I was pregnant with my first child that I was under the illusion that the frequent reminders somehow prepared me for the change that was about to sweep my life.  Unfortunately, as I would soon discover, there is no […]