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Motherhood – The Comedy (first in series)

There really should be laws in place mandating that new moms undergo certain reintegration tests before they are granted entrance back into society. Things like getting retested for a driver’s license, walking a straight line, and the ability to speak in complete sentences are just a few of the many assessments a new mom should […]


It Gets Better

People describe having a baby as a “life changing” experience.  I heard it so much while I was pregnant with my first child that I was under the illusion that the frequent reminders somehow prepared me for the change that was about to sweep my life.  Unfortunately, as I would soon discover, there is no […]


Motherhood and Miss America

Watching the Miss America pageant this weekend I couldn’t help but appreciate the poise and grace the contestants portrayed.  It was amazing how such beautiful women sashayed about on stage in front of hundreds of audience members and millions of viewers, beaming with confidence while appearing so peaceful and light. As the night began they […]


Hormones and Hair Loss

Oh the joys of becoming a mother… our hormones are so out of control people feel like they need to bring a box of tissues and a shield when coming to visit!  And as I discovered today, there is apparently no avoiding the post-baby hair loss! After our first baby was born I was shocked […]


She Smiled At Me

My daughter smiling at me has always been a joyous occasion.  I will never forget the first time she smiled.  Just a tiny little baby not more than a few weeks old staring up at me with wonder in her eyes I can remember my excitement as I watched her little lips start to form […]


Survival Moment

It’s in these rare, quiet moments when the kids happen to both be sleeping at the same time that I can curl up with a cup of coffee and reflect on those precious instants throughout the day.  It’s in these moments that even the worst of tantrums thrown earlier can seem endearing.  Now I can […]

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